Saugeen Shores Trolley

The S.S. Trolley will be seen daily on the roads of Saugeen Shores through July and August shuttling passengers between our two great communities, travelling along the shoreline continuously between 10am and 6pm. A GPS tracking system allows the public to track the trolley live, on their smartphones and other devices.

Chamber Trolley Tours offer historic tours of Saugeen Shores; an ideal way to enjoy Port Elgin and Southampton's history and attractions. A narrated audio tour provides riders with an informative, engaging overview of the area's history.

Please note: The Trolley will run the loop as many times as feasible throughout the hours of operation. Due to traffic, we cannot promise exact times and schedules.  A complete round trip can take up to 90 minutes.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!


Pleased note:  There will be no Trolley runs after 1pm on August 11. There will be no Trolley runs on August 18. The Trolley will run from 10am to 9pm on the following dates: June 29, August 30 and 31.

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Just heard about the Trolly service today. Hope to make the trip sometime next year.
Ralph Kincardine  Ontario